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Name: Damon

Datum: Donnerstag, 9 Dezember, 2004 um 23:18:09
THANK YOU so much for bringing back the good ole days. Your site is awesome. As everyone else here has already mentioned, YCDTOTV is, without a doubt, the best kids television show of all time. I'm 26 now so I guess I was around 8-12 yeas old when I was watching the show. I must have watched every episode. They just don't make'em like they used to. Kudos to you and this fabulous site. The pictures really do bring back memories. Thanks, Damon

Name: Daniel

Datum: Montag, 29 November, 2004 um 09:59:40
Hello i am a pro on making dvd and i have allmost ever episode of ycdtotv on vhs i will be put them on dvd but with nice menus and so on by season if you like let me know if you like this idea and togeter we can make these dvd's the official ones thanks!  

Name: Jim

Datum: Samstag, 27 November, 2004 um 01:17:06
Thank you for making such a cool web-page. The pictures brought me back to my childhood days of watching the show.

Name: Hysteric@air.ocn.ne.jp

Datum: Dienstag, 2 November, 2004 um 03:19:47
This is Site is as Old as the Show*!!! Not to sound sarcastic, however, growing up this show had to be one of the best shows of all time! But it totally bugs why we can't get to view or find a way to purchase the episodes ourselves. What a rip off. Your loyal fan, Gardner xox

Name: Nicole

Datum: Samstag, 30 Oktober, 2004 um 09:12:48
I was four years old when the show went off the air ,Im eighteen now so (if fait is on my side )I can whatch the reruns of the show and laugh my butt off because this kind of entetainment is not always common in my generation "so thank you"

Name: Nicole

Datum: Samstag, 30 Oktober, 2004 um 09:10:59
I was four years old when the show went off the air but when,Im eighteen now so (if fait is on my side )I can whatch the reruns of the show and laugh my butt off because this kind of entetainment is not always common in my generation "so thank you"

Name: Anthony Brown

Datum: Donnerstag, 28 Oktober, 2004 um 21:11:04
I loved this show, which aired on Nickelodeon in the eighties, before they were commercialized so badly. My mother despised the show, which made me want to watch it even more. My grandma didnt seem to mind letting me watch it at her house though. Looking back now, the show wasn't too nasty, compared with the crap Nick shows nowadays. I loved the locker skits, Barth's burger joint, and used to want to go to that arcade with the boys. Hey Nick - How about airing shows like YKDTOTV and Today's Special again? These were great shows. You can keep pinwheel though... That song still haunts me... Pinwheel, pinwheel spinning around... They could - and did - do that on television!

Name: jamie

Datum: Donnerstag, 7 Oktober, 2004 um 02:49:46
The earliest memory I have of the show is when my mother woke me up one morning at 5:30 to watch the show. I dont remember the year but, I was pretty young, and I was an avid viewer from that point on. The show popped in my head today when "Jagged Little Pill" was played on the radio at work.

Name: nycmodel81

Datum: Mittwoch, 29 September, 2004 um 09:33:24
wow..ok. let me start by saying ''THANK GOD FOR A WEB SITE THAT COVERS ONE OF THE BEST SHOWS EVER IN THE HISTORY OF CHILDRENS TELEVISION!!!.'' i was and still am in love w/ ycdtot. i would sit in my gramothers living room ''in 1985'' and stare at nickelodeon for hours waiting to hear that fire alarm sound at the begining of the show. this was all back when nickelodeon was bitchen in the 80's. the show was cool, bright and everything you wanted to do as a child. i was fortunate for cable in my family at that time ''awsome times,awsome times.'' the show racked my lil 5 yr old mind into a stragne feeling for the feel of green slime , to make a long story short, i enjoyed green jello everytime my gramother made it, it ended up right on top of my head..lol! canada was the location which is real cool, and alanis morrisette..very pretty back then..lol. THANKS SO MUCH !!!

Name: kdog253

Datum: Donnerstag, 23 September, 2004 um 19:03:31
Just kind of stumbled on to this site. But thanks for bringing back the good memories. This show was a big part of my after school routine when I was a kid. YCDTOTV Forever

Name: Ben Schreiner (cast 1984)

Datum: Freitag, 17 September, 2004 um 00:59:03
Nice site. It's very cool to see some old friends up here and remember the fun we had on set. Good times if only for a little while. Thanks!

Name: Natalie

Datum: Donnerstag, 9 September, 2004 um 01:23:04
I miss this show so much! My co-worker and I were just talking about it, so I decided to visit this website. Anyone know if they have the series out on VHS/DVD?? Thanks!

Name: Lanae

Datum: Sonntag, 22 August, 2004 um 06:47:16
This brings back so many memories, especially the theme song! Great stuff!

Name: SaL.

Datum: Samstag, 14 August, 2004 um 01:55:19
I was never around in the 80's, but I saw the show about 2 years ago when nickelodeon was celebrating it's birthday and I loved it I wish it would come back it's the greatest sketch comedy show in the world, my favorite characters are adam reid and alanis morissette!!!!!!!!!!

Name: SaL.

Datum: Samstag, 14 August, 2004 um 01:54:13
I was never around in the 80's, but I saw the show about 2 years ago when nickelodeon was celebrating it's birthday and I loved it I wish it would come back it's the greatest sketch comedy show in the world, my favorite characters are adam reid and alanis morissette!!!!!!!!!!

Name: beth

Datum: Samstag, 7 August, 2004 um 23:43:22
I think the show should be put back on air... I just remember when it would make me and my sisters laugh... It was a great show and they should think about putting it back on for a while :) beth

Name: beebs2286

Datum: Samstag, 7 August, 2004 um 23:43:12
I think the show should be put back on air... I just remember when it would make me and my sisters laugh... It was a great show and they should think about putting it back on for a while :) beth

Name: beebs2286

Datum: Samstag, 7 August, 2004 um 23:42:46
I think the show should be put back on air... I just remember when it would make me and my sisters laugh... It was a great show and they should think about putting it back on for a while :) beth

Name: paxil

Datum: Montag, 26 Juli, 2004 um 20:52:32
The system will be down for 10 days for preventive maintenance. paxil

Name: Fremont

Datum: Freitag, 23 Juli, 2004 um 13:27:26
I enjoyed the show and wanted to date Christine.., Kind of funny, now that I think about it. *Anybody else out there ever use the "YCDTOTV" Green Slime Shampoo? I used to get it at Toys R' Us back in 1988, when I was still in High School. :) Sure wish they would make a movie AND bring back the shampoo. Whatever happened to ZERO.., (Zilch)? And what was the name of the guy who played the dad? Aside from Alanis (Morrisette), what is everybody else up to? Please email me at "fre3lee@yahoo.com" and please let me know in the subject line where you found my email address.., that way I will know. Thank you.

Name: Patte Rosebank

Datum: Freitag, 23 Juli, 2004 um 02:08:59
If you're looking for episodes, check at www.ebay.com. The drawback is that these are not commercially-released DVDs, just things done by collectors, for collectors. So the picture quality varies, because they were transferred from shows taped off the air, when they originally aired, about 20 years ago. Also, if you don't live in North America, you may not be able to play the DVDs on your equipment. What you'll have to do is find someone who has the episodes, and can copy them onto PAL or SECAM format videotapes for you. The strange thing is that, in Canada, we never really appreciate our shows and performers as much as we should. So although the show was quite successful here where it was created, it was WAY more successful in the USA and elsewhere it was syndicated. For a lot more about the show (and the wonderful SlimeCon which just took place in Ottawa, where the series was created), visit www.ycdtotv.com.

Name: Queso Mohoso

Datum: Mittwoch, 14 Juli, 2004 um 08:29:06
Thank you thank you thank you for puting this up. This was my window into the world when I was just a kid...probably why I'm as bad off as I am.

Name: Steph

Datum: Montag, 12 Juli, 2004 um 21:34:57
I used to watch this show pre-teen years when I was able to get a hold of Nick on cable. I loved it so much, and recently a friend started quoting the locker skit, "Hey Alasdair!?" It's caused me to come searching for this site. My boyfriend and I are wondering where there are tapes to get a hld of. Would be great nostalgia! I loved Christine, Lisa and Alsadair!

Name: altehase

Datum: Dienstag, 6 Juli, 2004 um 18:14:14
This was a show that I used to watch when I was in High School. In and around 1985-86. (sophmore). My friends seemed to know much about it. Even in the small town where I came from, El Centro, CA. Yet no one ever admitted to watching it. It might be a little gay, but I used to have a crush on Vanessa. I would've dated her in a second. I used to have a thing for goofy chicks in glasses. Anyways, Hi to everyone in EC!

Name: No way!

Datum: Donnerstag, 24 Juni, 2004 um 20:05:53
Dude, What is wrong with you letting that information out. Her kids could be reading this! I went to Blackburn with her and I know how she was, but that stuff should be kept to yourself. We were young and a little foolish, don't broadcast it to the whole world. Jono

Name: orphan annie

Datum: Dienstag, 22 Juni, 2004 um 04:46:21
where can i find episodes of ycdtotv i haven't seen any since it was on air when i was a kid please let me know email me at aschummer@hotmail.com

Name: Sig

Datum: Freitag, 18 Juni, 2004 um 04:47:44
I loved this show when I was a kid. This show was the birth of the whole slime thing on Nickelodeon in the US. so great. I can't help but to smile when thinking of this show.

Name: Brad Moran

Datum: Samstag, 12 Juni, 2004 um 17:53:00
for many years i loved this show its good to see an other by the same name thinks the same

Name: J

Datum: Mittwoch, 9 Juni, 2004 um 00:23:06
im here in the us and i use to watch that show on nick growing up evryday allt he time it was great wish theyd bring it back cool site it brought back alot of mememories cool

Name: buy cialis

Datum: Dienstag, 8 Juni, 2004 um 20:36:36
Great Site, Yeah. Hope you can improve it again! cialis

Name: myalisal

Datum: Freitag, 4 Juni, 2004 um 07:31:22
This show is the reason I and my brother am so twisted today! Thank you YCDTOTV! :)

Name: leepifer

Datum: Dienstag, 1 Juni, 2004 um 17:37:41
Hi, this shows seems terrific and funny... Do the name show come from ZAPPA' live album "You can't do that on stage anymore"? because it seems to be inspired from Zappa'spirit!!! Best regards, Xav.(Paris,France)

Name: Courtney

Datum: Montag, 17 Mai, 2004 um 07:14:27
I still think Alasdair's cute today too! It would be wonderful and good if he didn't have the life that he had now!

Name: Jessica

Datum: Samstag, 15 Mai, 2004 um 02:14:54
YCDTOTV was the center of my universe when I was age 6 through 8 or 9. I moved to PA in the US and had cable for the first time (1986). Aladstair was my absolute FAVORITE-- I couldn't decide whether I liked him "younger" with the long hair or "older" with the short! I still think he's cute today! I wonder what he's doing now... Kids TV today is mind numbing and boring-- it's all a big marketing scam--- I remember when a TV show was a TV show and there weren't products and cereals, toys, PC messages and all that garbage shoved down our throats.

Name: Alasdair's Girl (Courtney)

Datum: Donnerstag, 13 Mai, 2004 um 07:16:58
Alasdair, I want you, I need you, I love you so!

Name: Brad Moran

Datum: Montag, 10 Mai, 2004 um 17:40:59
Me again, Yes Hockey players used to watch this great show. too bad its finnished

Name: Brad Moran

Datum: Montag, 10 Mai, 2004 um 17:34:31
what can i say other than canadians DO KNOW COMEDY look at Alanis!!!! Ha just kidding

Name: Fred

Datum: Samstag, 8 Mai, 2004 um 22:23:40
Where are the videos and images from the last slimecon?

Name: j.fo

Datum: Mittwoch, 28 April, 2004 um 00:15:50
man this brings back some great memories, i love the site, where can i see some video??

Name: Mark

Datum: Sonntag, 18 April, 2004 um 03:57:03
Me again. I still love this site! I was SO disappointment when I found out they couldn't live without me at work during the SlimeCon convention-- I've been looking forward to that since 2002!! Again, this site is awesome, thanks a great deal to the picture gallery!! That must have taken you forever.

Name: Girlystuff

Datum: Donnerstag, 8 April, 2004 um 14:11:27
This show kept both my sister and I entertained for our most influencial years...its no wonder were a pair of weirdos now!!!!! Is there any way of getting some footage on DVD in Australia, I would love my kids to experience the same laughter (when i eventually have them)

Name: punkcat

Datum: Donnerstag, 8 April, 2004 um 03:14:26
Wow! thanks fo the great website. I just was thinking about this show the other day, and wanted to see if anyone else even thought about it at all anymore. What great memories. I didn't even have cable, I watched this show while babysitting neighbor kids after school. They NEED to make it into reruns. I so don't care if it might be less entertaining now that I am older. Hey I watch Sister Sister reruns....what could be WORSE! Keep up this site, I am going to tell some friends about it.

Name: David

Datum: Freitag, 2 April, 2004 um 07:58:14
I was actually on the show back when I was in 5th grade. I got to be interviewed by Moose and was seen on the shows about the future and priorites. It's my favorite childhood memory. Now I'm 32 years old and would love to get the old episodes on DVD.

Name: Tara

Datum: Donnerstag, 1 April, 2004 um 09:15:36
I love this site. Good links. Are the slime, water, and pie charts going to be updated? My favorite memories of the show were waiting to see who got pied or slimed. The one that sticks out the most is the Chris Bickford sliming from (I believe) 1989. At the end of the show, slime was poured over Bickfords head for the entire duration of the closing credits.

Name: internet news daily . com

Datum: Samstag, 20 März, 2004 um 05:16:08
great site

Name: Sherrie

Datum: Samstag, 20 März, 2004 um 00:17:09
I was happy to have found this site! It brought back alot of memories. The pictures are great. I hope to one day see it re-runs. It gave me alot of laughs and put a smile on my face. Thanks! =)

Name: Karen - Alanis fan

Datum: Freitag, 19 März, 2004 um 11:54:01
Does it not bother anyone that this site claims alanis has done nothing since 1987???? Albums such as Alanis (1991), Now Is The Time (1992), Jagged Little Pill (1995), Supposed Former Infatuation Junkie (1998), Alanis MTV Unplugged (1999), Under Rug Swept (2002). Directed videos such as "Pure" and "Unsent", acted in the Kevin Smith film "Dogma", "Sex in the City" and performed in "The Vagina Monologues" and has won several awards not just for music, but for being a humanitarian. To show Alanis in shocking 80's gear and call that a tribute to her work since YCDTOTV is a disgrace.... .....cool site lots of memories.

Name: Marc Morin

Datum: Sonntag, 14 März, 2004 um 01:30:52
Great page...brought back 10000000 memories!

Name: Michael Day

Datum: Freitag, 27 Februar, 2004 um 18:56:28
I realy miss You Can`t Do That On Television It would be nice to see it agane on television. Michael Day

Name: Jeff

Datum: Sonntag, 22 Februar, 2004 um 11:28:15
Not sure if I've been 'damaged' from growing up with this show, but it certainly left it's mark on me, along with plenty of others. At one time Nick at Nite was running "Laugh-In" while YCDTOTV aired on Nick during the days so I could see where alot of the inspiration came from. If a similar show were made today, it would no doubt be highly sanitized and restricted from airing some of the opinions that the original got away with (being a Canadian program my have helped as well). An adult version would be great though! I love all types of humor but I think slapstick, when done right, is integral to comedy (no matter how lowbrow some think it is). That was the key ingredient to this show, since we all loved the slime, water, and pies in the face. Looks like there'll be a 25th anniversary SlimeCon this year and it would be fun to attend. Check out more info at ycdtotv.com.

Name: eternally warped

Datum: Freitag, 20 Februar, 2004 um 05:23:26
YCDTOTv had overtones of politics and shunned conventional society through satirical skits. The sarcasm that was demonstrated reflected modern life and the views of the show were liberal. My sister and I started watching this show at ages 6 & 7, we're now 24 & 25. It was one of our favorite television shows and severely warped us for life (seriously)! To this day, hearing the theme music, seeing the intro and thinking about the detention hall gives me the heebie jeebies, and recreates the anxious feelings I used to endure through each episode. I can't think of a reason why I watched the show if it was so disturbing to me, perhaps I was too stupid for my own good. It's amazing that my parents allowed us to watch this show, and encouraged it (they even helped create green slime one to dump on my cousin). It's amazing how a show of this nature was let onto the airwaves, nevermind stayed in rotation for 11 years. It was very crass & vulgar, which is fine except for the audience it was aimed at is a bit too young for this show. Alot of people were upset when 'Married With Children' started showing on TV, but YCDTOTV was far more obscene and disturbing. I can only wonder how many psychopaths (such as myself), have been, in one way or another, damaged from watching this show.

Name: Watch a full episode (ADOPTION)

Datum: Sonntag, 15 Februar, 2004 um 22:44:19

Name: My freind was on YCDTOTV!

Datum: Sonntag, 15 Februar, 2004 um 22:42:31
she made up the roller balde washer thingy majig

Name: Amy

Datum: Dienstag, 3 Februar, 2004 um 07:09:27
I agree with all of you....I hope they bring it back...anyone been to Slimecon? You can get the show on dvd on ebay... Alasdair was my favorite!

Name: jon harbison
Email: dhswaterboy @ yahoo.com

Datum: Donnerstag, 29 Januar, 2004 um 17:51:11
I was a big watcher of ycdtot. I hope some day they bring it back to televison on such channels like,the-n or the weekend schedule of nickelodeon. I also miss the old nick shows,welcome freshman and fifteen.

Name: matthew clisby

Datum: Donnerstag, 1 Januar, 2004 um 09:19:38
i like lisa and christine slimed and everbody knows that for the cath phares for the big slime of in live nickelodeon and ottawa in canada and so for the special geust star,s like carrie fischer and mark hamill

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