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Name: blank               Dr. Watson WWW-ERROR-REPORT: user from tcg.sgi.net

Datum: Montag, 12 Juli, 1999 um 21:05:38
what makes ycdtotv.com so much better is that they update theirs daily. you all just sit on your butts and dont add anything good

Name: nobody               Dr. Watson WWW-ERROR-REPORT: user from tcg.sgi.net

Datum: Freitag, 9 Juli, 1999 um 18:04:38
this is old! get some new(non pirated please) pics on here.

Name: Kai Engstad               Dr. Watson WWW-ERROR-REPORT: userID as1-3-165-169 from discovernet.net

Datum: Dienstag, 6 Juli, 1999 um 05:30:17
This page sucks. Why dont you just copy every SINGLE thing that YCDTOTV.com did? You guys suck. Your page sucks. Hang it up, your finished. YCDTOTV.com #1!!!

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